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Nobody Likes Your Content

June 02, 2021 Lisa Liguori Season 1 Episode 3
Advice Column
Nobody Likes Your Content
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You want to share your content with the world but no one is paying attention. You might feel frustrated, rejected, or let down. In this episode our panelists share how they have dealt with setbacks in getting traction with the content they produce. You'll hear different ideas for staying motivated. And you will also get ideas for reframing how you view people's reactions to what you create. Most of all, you will be encouraged that you are not alone in your challenge to be heard.

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Advice Column Podcast:

She Felt Overlooked (Molly Jenson)
She Launched a Course (Rachel Cross)
He Attempted Social Media (Ron Jenson)
He Learned to Be Authentic (Peter G. Goral)
He Cranked Out Content (Dan Bennett)
Summary of Learnings (Lisa Liguori)